Liverpool TUC passed a motion on Conlutas congress.
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 17:27

Building internationalism in the workers’ movement! Brazilian trade unionists visit England

Considering the report below the Liverpool Trade Council agrees to:

1.      Establish regular exchanges with CSP-Conlutas to include reports on class struggles, solidarity messages, assisting in organising tours of trade unionists and those suffering oppression.

2.    Publicise the international meeting in Brazil and France

3.    Agree in principle to send a delegate(s) to the international conferences and help with publicising fund raising and circulate material about the conferences.

Report on the tour of Conlutas to Liverpool and London

Two delegates from the Brazilian trade union federation CSP-Conlutas visited England (Liverpool and London) after having meetings with trade unionists in Spain and Portugal in December to build concrete links between trade unionists in Brazil and Europe. CSP-Conlutas has 200 affiliated unions and popular organisations representing the homeless, Black groups, women's groups and students. It represents about 3 million workers including teachers; civil servants; and bank, university, General Motors and construction workers.

AltinoPrazeres, is the President of the Metro (Underground) Workers Union of Sao Paulo, Brazil ( DirceuTravesso(Didi),was for many years a militant leader of a bank workers union and today is part of the executive leadership of CSP-Conlutas ( They came to England to build links and invite delegates to attend the CSP-Conlutas Congress this April, which will be immediately followed by a two day international meeting.

In Liverpool CSP-Conlutas met RMT, UCU and NUS leaders and members and addressed the Liverpool Trades council meeting where they received a standing ovation. In London they met Alex Gordon and members of the national executive of the RMT, including Bob Crow, and addressed a meeting of Latin America Workers Association. They also met with the chair of the Finsbury Park RMT branch of underground workers and were invited to address a protest outside the TUC headquarters against the government pension reforms. Proposals to deepen the relations with Conlutas, to exchange information and to develop international solidarity for the workers’ struggle were discussed in principle to develop more contacts between the workers in Brazil and England.

In June 2011 during the Solidaires Trade Union Congress (France) an international meeting of trade unions was held from Europe, Africa, South America and Asia that agreed to organise two international conferences, one in Brazil in April/May and the other later in the year in France. The main organisers are Conlutas and SyndicaleSolidaires(solidarity),

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