Not Even One Less

By Sofía, food industry worker.

Every 30 hours, a woman dies; every hour, every minute, every day, a woman is hit, battered, abused.

As a factory worker, I feel anger, anxiety and, sometimes, even fear. Fear of this society, which often remains quiet, looks aside and blames the woman; the woman, as if she was the responsible one, while it naturalizes the male violence, the jealousy. All this because he is a man: he can do more than I can, he can get paid more than me and he can have more rights than me.

We, working women, doubly exploited, take the #NiUnaMenos as our slogan, not only to ask them to stop killing us but also for equal rights. And to talk to our surrounding about how important it is to become aware that this has to change. We must eradicate male-chauvinism which kills us, and teaches our colleagues to be “machos”, educating them to believe they are more than us.

Despite this, in the week of a new June 3rd, some of them gave us their support, and together we understood without a cultural, educational change, in struggle, #NiUnaMenos will not exist. Like this, we took a small step to be more united and strong. It is not just about taking some pictures and looking good. It is we want us alive!