Mon Jan 30, 2023
January 30, 2023

We repudiate the murder of Rodrigo and Libertad! Immediate Freedom to the Ones Detained!

The brutal assault carried out by Cartes, Lugo and Llano caused the justified rebellion of thousands of people, most of them youth, in clear opposition to the approval of the Constitutional Amendment passed in less than 30 minutes; rebellion that developed to the point of setting the Congress on fire.By PT – Paraguay

This rebellion was not only caused by the assault but by the disproportionate repression of the first revolts in the afternoon.
Later, repressive forces hunted demonstrators with rabid dogs, and in a Fascist-like action, they broke into the headquarters of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (PLRA) and cowardly killed Rodrigo Quintana with eight gunshots.
We strongly repudiate this onslaught and demand punishment for the ones responsible. Prison for the executioner and the ones morally responsible for Rodrigo’s murder!
We also demand immediate freedom for the demonstrators detained, all of them brutally beaten.
We strongly repudiate the cynical, hypocritical stand by the Partido Colorado and the Frente Guasu of justifying the repression. The latests is trying to wash its face for the historic shame it is to be an accomplice of Horacio Cartes.
We call to continue the fair rebellion, as the struggle against this mugging and against violations continues, considering that Cartes as much as Lugo will insist in executing the fraudulent amendment.
We encourage the Federations, peasants’ organizations and the popular movement as a whole to take a clear stand against violations. There is no place for a shy stand with a false extreme-leftist mask nor to a passivity that only favors the government and its puppet accomplices.
Let’s the rebellion of March 31 to stand on! Down with the Amendment born from mugging! Out with Cartes and the Barons of the “use and abuse”!

National Executive Committee

Workers’ Party

April 1, 2017.

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