Wed Jun 07, 2023
June 07, 2023

We lost one of ours

Victim of cancer, Alirio L.P. Eberhardt passed away on July 21. Alirio was a founder of Convergência Socialista in Santa Catarina, organization which later gave origin to the PSTU.
Since early times, while he still was a Seminarist, he became a determined socialist. And that was not easy at the beginning of the 70s, through the hardest military dictatorship.
In that moment, he became a Sociologia student of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), what was already an act of courage, as it meant to automatically become a suspect for the feared political repression of the dictatorship.
In 1982, already living in Florianópolis, he founded the first organic cell of Convergência Socialista in Santa Catarina together with some comrades.
After that, even when not participating organically anymore, Alirio remained very close to the party. He affiliated to the PSTU from the very first day, and we could always count on his support and enthusiasm in every workers’ and youth struggles. His high comprehension of Marxism made him stay clear, even during the hard decade of the 90s, of the necessity of a revolution for Brazil and the world. Alirio also survived the great opportunistic pressure and careerism of the PT, and he remained an upright revolutionary until his last day.
Alirio: present! Until Socialism!
PSTU Floripa.

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