Fri Mar 01, 2024
March 01, 2024

We greet and support the #TomaDeColegios

From the Socialist Youth of PT, we salute the occupation that started in the Rca. School, Argentina, and has already extended to the CTN, Commerce 1 & 2; the youth has raised its voice of protest and indignation in front of the indolence, ineffectiveness of Lafuente, and her lies.

There are challenges ahead; on one side, to push for the Minister of Education resigns, but the true responsible of the neoliberal policies towards privatization and mercantilism of our education is president Cartes.

The entrance of the radical, consequent youth in scene, with the method of direct action, must come with permanent meetings, internal democracy and self-organization; seeking for unity and solidarity with all sectors of the working class in the city and the country, aiming the change of society as a whole.

We alert, as we consider, the organisms of the State (Prosecution, dialogue tables and Together for Education[1]) have shown to be accomplices, and do not deserve our minimum level of trust.

The task is to achieve the unity to struggle of all students’ organizations, labour federations, peasants’ and popular organizations. Paraguay needs changes; many times they seem impossible, but at some point they become inevitable. The youth and the working people must be actors and participants of these big transformations so necessary for our society!

We need to struggle, and we can defeat!

For publish, free, quality education in favor of the people!

More State investment: 7% of GDP to education NOW!

For a secular education and freedom of science!

Long live the #TomaDeColegios!



[1] Juntos por la Educación.

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