The P.S.T. (Socialist Workers Party) strongly repudiates the brutal repression against University students on Monday, June 24, 2019.

By PST-Honduras

We condemn the actions of the repressive apparatuses of the State, the Military and the PMOP who entered the university campus firing live bullets, hunting down unarmed students who made use of their legitimate right to protest against the dictatorship, leaving 8 students injured.

We also demand a halt to repression and persecution against university students.

It is urgent to reorganize the struggle.

JOH’s government, using live bullets, wants to push back the mass movement that calls for his resignation .

We call the different sectors to form a unitary space that gathers all the demands of the Honduran people, and that has as its main demand the exit of the dictator.

We call on Human Rights organizations and Social and Popular Movements to actively stand in solidarity with university students and to be alert to any attacks by the dictatorship.

People’s Resistance Against Repression!