Thu Jun 13, 2024
June 13, 2024

URGENT: Free Sebastián Romero Now!

Today comrade Sebastián Romero was arrested in Uruguay.

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Today our comrade Sebastián Romero was detained in Uruguay. Sebastián has been persecuted politically since December 18, 2017 for having participated with thousands of workers in the mobilization against the pension reform that represented the theft of retirees’ benefits.

Former president Mauricio Macri and his Minister for Security Patricia Bullrich demonized Sebastián Romero and the legitimate people’s mobilization against austerity. Due to his participation in defense of the retirees, Sebastián Romero has not seen neither his family, nor his friends, nor his colleagues at General Motors and the PSTU membership for 29 months. For the same reason, his comrade Daniel Ruiz was unfairly detained for 13 months in the Marcos Paz maximum security prison.

Today Sebastián Romero is a political prisoner, which is inadmissible in a society that pretends to be democratic. The Government of Uruguay, chaired by Luis Lacalle Pou, must immediately send Sebastián Romero to his country and allow him immediate communication with his family. Since in Argentina he must be immediately released by President Alberto Fernandez and the Argentinean courts.

The PSTU, the IWL-FI and Sebastián Romero’s family call on all organizations to stand in solidarity with Sebastián Romero and demand his immediate freedom.

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