Fri Feb 03, 2023
February 03, 2023

Türkiye | On the Bomb Attack in Taksim, Istanbul

  1. We are in deep sorrow for the bomb attack that took place on Sunday, November 13 and the innocent lives we lost as a result. We wish the injured a speedy recovery. This attack was made on the brotherhood of the workers of Turkey and the region. Whoever the perpetrator of the attack, it is clear that such attacks will only prolong the life of the autocratic Palace regime.
  2. Beyond our pain, we are also concerned that this attack opens the possibilities to dangerous consequences that we have been drawing attention to in our articles for a long time. The upcoming Presidential election in June 2023 includes the possibility of a regime changes. In order not to lose their power, and in the face of terrorism, the Erdogan government can make large-scale arrests and attacks, initiate new cross-border operations. The struggle for within the power within the palace could lead to a coup.
  3. In addition, we have not forgotten the bomb attacks that took place between 2015-2016 and whose real perpetrators are still “unknown.” The deep pain of the lives lost is still in our hearts. And we keep in mind that that process resulted in an unsuccessful coup attempt. This bloody and dark period still preserves its “secrets” in many aspects.
  4. The conqueror-expansionist role played by the Turkish government, especially in Syria, and its secret and open relations with reactionary organizations and gangs there leads to devastating attacks inside and outside the country. We strongly reject the adventurous, expansionist foreign policies of the government.
  5. After the attack, while nothing is clear, we are concerned about the process that turned into “Shut down the HDP (Turkey’s Democratic Peoples’ Party, the pro-Kurdish opposition)” right after the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party, a militant Kurdish political organization) was accused as the suspected perpetrators. Making such accusations without concrete answers and uncertainties increases our doubts even more. In these circumstances, we are concerned about the accusations of terrorism of all anti-Palace regime groups, including the bourgeois opposition.
  6. We reject any attempt to use this attack for a military operation against Rojava. It is obvious that all these cross-border operations have deepened hostilities and threaten the safety of the people.
  7. It is clear that such an attack will inevitably affect the upcoming election process and election results. Let’s not allow the terror of the society be manipulated by the autocratic Palace regime to increase its suppression of the opposition, censorship and bans, security policies, and attack elections. We cannot let the Erdogan regime use the bomb attack as an excuse. We call on the working people to be vigilant in the face of such attacks and to preserve their unity.
  8. In order to remove all suspicions, news bans should be ended and a public, transparent and reliable investigation process should be carried out. The perpetrators of all the attacks, murders and massacres to date, especially the last bombing, and all the real terrorist centers behind them must be revealed.
    Red Newspaper Editorial Board

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