Wed Jun 07, 2023
June 07, 2023

Turkey’s United Workers' Ground (BIZ) Announces the "Campaign Against the Economic Crisis" 

Against the unemployment, poverty, and the crisis-creating economic order: The Only Remedy is the Worker-laborer Government 
BİZ, consisting of the Laborers’ Movement Party (EHP), the Red Newspaper (Kırmızı Gazete), the Workers’ Own Party (IKEP) and the Labor and Justice Platform (Emek ve Adalet Platformu), announced a campaign program for the exit from the crisis, titled “The Only Remedy Against Unemployment, Poverty, Crisis-Creating Economic Order: Worker-laborer Government”.
The campaign program described under 12 articles is as follows:

  1. Only a worker-labor government under the control of the working-class movement and assemblies can change the current economic functioning, which creates unemployment, poverty, and crises, for the benefit of the people. Only it can end the one-man regime that is hostile to democracy and labor, and prevent the continuation of anti-democratic regimes, albeit in different forms.
  2. Layoffs will be stopped under the worker-laborer government, and full employment will be achieved by large public investments and reducing the working time to 6 hours without salary deduction.
  3. Foreign debts that are not used by the public will not be paid and there will be no IMF negotiations.
  4. Progressive taxation will be levied on large-scale profits, rents, foreign currency deposits and wealth. The acquisition of foreign currency deposits will be limited.
  5. The minimum wage will be the starting wage and limited to a certain period to be increased accordingly. It will be determined above the breadline. All the work under insecure, uninsured, subcontractor conditions will be prohibited.
  6. The basic minimum level of needs such as heating, transportation, communication, energy, and water will be provided free of charge to the public. Credit and credit card debts used by the public for basic needs will be deleted.
  7. All customer-guaranteed tenders given unfairly and illegally by AKP (Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party) will be canceled.
  8. Institutions in critical sectors will be expropriated without compensation and a single bank system will be adopted with the establishment of a foreign trade bank.
  9. The wages will be increased every month at the inflation rate determined under the supervision of the public.
  10. To ensure cheapness, price hikes for basic needs will be stopped, taxes on them will be abolished, and their production will be planned democratically-centrally.
  11. Against the danger of famine, peasants will be supported in order to increase production and intermediaries will be eliminated in the supply of agricultural products.
  12. The resources created by the growth will be distributed according to social needs and in a way that will increase labor incomes.

  Announcing the campaign program on behalf of BIZ, Aslı Sevim from Kırmızı Newspaper called on all workers and laborers and said, “The number of workers who believe in the deception that the market, profit and competition order (that is, capitalism) is the source of wealth and that the hard work will be rewarded thanks to equal opportunities is decreasing day by day. Because, for the last 15 years, there has been a continuous and deepening economic crisis around the world. Workers and laborers from every country, from the most developed to the poor, are affected in different ways. As the crisis deepens, conflicts and wars, pressures, coups and forced migrations increase. Workers, peasants, and small businesses are plunged into misery, while the rich and bourgeois are getting stronger.
The situation is even more serious in our country, which is getting poorer. It is stated by the workers on the street, at home, at work, in the markets and on social media that this will not go on like this. Well, how it will be fixed, no one who aspires to power can say this. Both the government and its opponents are trying to save themselves or the regime. They want to prevent the workers and laborers from targeting power by establishing their own words, politics, and organizations, with their bullshits like “Islamic and national, foreign powers or meritocracy, a return to the past, a more humane capitalism”. Because capitalism is not only an economic system, but also a political one. Therefore, the government increases its pressure as the economic crisis deepens and leaves the people to starve but on the one hand, the oppositionists say, “Wait, don’t talk, don’t go out to the streets, everything will change in the upcoming elections”. As long as the workers and laborers do not participate in politics as a class.
That’s why we say out loud what they already know. The course of these awful events can only be changed by a worker and working government that defends the interests of the working people. The road to this government is through an organized workers’ movement and its assemblies, independent of the bourgeoisie and its representatives.

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