Thu Jun 20, 2024
June 20, 2024

Trump, take your hands off Venezuela!

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, stated that he does not rule out the “military option” to solve Venezuela’s crisis. This is a threat of the biggest imperialist power against a semi-colonial country.
By IWL-FI International Secretariat.
Trump’s excuse of the government’s repression is just a mask. The US government has no commitment to democracy whatsoever. On the contrary, it supports the Nazi-Fascist state of Israel and provides full military support to repress the Palestinians. Also, Trump just visited the Saudi Arabia Monarchy, without making one single critique to it.
We repudiate this imperialist threat. We are in the front line against any military attack to Venezuela by imperialism. We will act just like we did in 2002 when we participated in the struggle against the military coup, supported by the US, against Chávez.
Our repudiation to any military attempt by imperialism does not mean any political support to Maduro. Maduro’s “Constituent” is a dictatorial maneuver to close even more the already authoritarian, Bonapartist regime in Venezuela. Maduro’s government is highly repudiated by the Venezuelan people. Thus, he carried out a coup, relying directly on the national Armed Forces against its own people.
Maduro uses Trump’s threat to gain strength and justify his coup in name of the fight against imperialism. In reality, with this “Constituent” he does not want any confrontation with imperialism. It is not by chance that the governmental decree of 2016 is now being implemented, handing over the Orinoco Mining Arc by giving away 12% of the country’s territory, rich in diamonds and gold, to the multinationals.
If Maduro really wanted to confront imperialism, he should expropriate the multinationals that control half of the oil production in the country, and he should stop paying the giant external debt. If he really wanted to confront imperialism, he would hand weapons over to the workers in the poor neighborhoods of Caracas. These popular neighborhoods –like Patare and 23 de Enero– were, in the past, the strongholds of Chavism and they were the core of the victorious reaction against the 2002 coup. Today, its inhabitants are confronting the government and being repressed by the militaries under Maduro’s command.
It is the Venezuelan masses the should take Maduro down, not imperialism. If the Trump administration attacks Venezuela, we will be in the front line against imperialism, hand in hand with the workers and poor people.

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