Fri Feb 23, 2024
February 23, 2024

The Workers of Bangladesh Need Our Solidarity!

On the 26th of April Bangladesh was shaken by the worst industrial disaster in the history of the country. The collapse of the Rana plaza structures have left up to 550 dead and nearly a thousand injured many of whom are still trapped in debris! This disaster and the one at Tazreen garments preceding it have exposed the exploitative nature of the garments industry as well as the vested political interests behind this exploitation.

But the workers are not silent! They refuse to be victims of this exploitation any longer and have gone on the warpath with a general strike action demanding better working conditions and decent wages. The present strike is of historic importance in the history of the worker’s struggle in Bangladesh and has succeeded in mobilizing most of the 3 million workers employed in the 5000 sweatshops which dominate this industry.

At this critical juncture it is indispensable that we throw our fullest support to the workers in their time of struggle.The workers of India,the US,the UK and France especially must extend their solidarity to the exploited workers of  Bangladesh.

Capitalists anywhere are the enemies of workers everywhere!

The big capitalist MNCs who lord over major economies of the world are the protectors and beneficiaries of the sweatshop industry which is so prevalent in Bangladesh. India’s capitalists have played a leading role in the upkeep of the political interests which protect the garment bosses,while the capitalists of theUSA and Europe, in particular big retail chains like Walmart who source their material from these ‘third 

All of these big moneyed interests are looking out for each other to ensure the sustenance of this system.To this alliance, the working class must counter pose it’s own! One which is forged on solidarity in class struggle against the capitalist looters! For this we must work towards constructing a joint action in coordination with the garment workers in Bangladesh.

Tactics of support:

As our first tactics we should address the immediate relief for the workers and their families who are victims of this building collapse. We may start with a petition against the bangladeshi government demanding action be taken against those responsible for this building collapse and give compensation to the families who have been aggrieved.

In terms of international solidarity workers in the US and UK who stand at the consumption end of the chain, can begin enquiries commission in their own companies to ensure that there is no profit from sweatshop labor and a call by trade unions condemning cheap labor exploitation in Bangladesh.

The workers in India hold a key strategic position in this respect, where their own capitalist rulers are actively engaged in harboring the political regime *( through huge loans regular political and military protection) and which encourages this vicious exploitation through sweatshop labor. An example for us to follow has been set by the protests around Marikana massacre in Africa where a committee for solidarity was set up by labor activists and other democratic activists.

United we fightDivided we fail!




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