Fri Jul 12, 2024
July 12, 2024

The Victory Of The NO Is Just The Beginning!

Let us take them all down with the struggle! Let us build workers committees to organize the struggle!

Statement of the Central Committee of the PdAC.

Renzi’s government was defeated, above all (although not only) by the workers’ and popular masses’ votes, who suffered the strike of the crisis, the anti-workers measures and Renzi’s cuts to social costs.

Most of the 19 million people, so around 60% of the voters, said NO to the constitutional reform; a NO that buried the political project of Renzi, a project in which the main sectors of the great Italian bourgeoisie saw the only solution to end the crisis. The vote was clearly a vote against the bosses’ government of Renzi and his anti-workers policy.

We cannot discard that Mattarella can drive the task Renzi could not, but he will hardly be able to continue his program of government: the bourgeoisie will have to find a new political project that represents it, and it will not be as easy as the economic crisis leaves barely any space for the bosses to maneuver. They have to recover part of the profit and the workers do not seem to be willing to believe the government’s propaganda nor to quietly accept the attacks on their rights and salaries. We will certainly face now a period of parliamentary instability and the search for a new balance, which the social struggles must take advantage of.

Yet, winning the first battle against Renzi is not enough to guard the interests of the exploited workers and masses.

The victory of the NO cannot be passively handed over to the bourgeois political forces that opposed the institutional counter-reform because of their parliamentary interests: the Berlusconi, the Salvini, the Grillo, the Bersani, the D’Alema, etc…

It is necessary to strongly affirm that the unions that said NO (like the bureaucracy of the CGIL) but did not organize a real counter-propaganda, and even less a struggle against the reform, just said NO to make an agreement “under the table” with the government and the bosses about highly important matters for the working class, like the renewal of contracts (of State workers, metal workers, street sweepers…); regarding this, they shamefully capitulated to the interests of the bosses. The workers must use this first victory to reactivate the struggle against the contracts imposed by the union bureaucracies, concentrating all the social sectors that opposed the constitutional reform and Renzi’s government around them.

It is not enough to send Renzi home: none of the other political forces present in the Parliament represents a qualitatively different project to the Democratic Party (DP); they have no intentions for the workers’ interests to hit the banks’ and bosses’ interests. The struggle must continue all the way until defeating all anti-workers and anti-social laws of the last governments, from Fornero’s Bill to the Jobs Act, the Good School, etc.

The workers can only trust their own strength and their struggles. It is not enough to send Renzi home: we need to struggle to send them all home! Only then, through the struggle, we can set the basis for Renzi’s government to not be taken by any other business of the great bourgeoisie, for the workers to finally rule, in favor of the workers’ interests.

Let’s build workers and masses Committees in every city to continue and expand the struggle!

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