Sat Sep 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

The Struggle against Ortega's Dictatorship must continue

It has been more than four months since the demonstrations that led to the insurrection against Ortega-Murillo’s tyranny. Over 450 people have been killed by the hands of the regime and its paramilitary groups so far, hundreds of people are missing and thousands have become refugees as a result from the persecution, and there is an uncertain amount of political prisoners, which is still growing.
By: Socilalism Today (Socialismo Hoy) – Costa Rica
The Government Offensive does not end the Struggle
On the previous days before July 19th, the government’s “cleaning operation” took place to end the blockades that had remained in many parts of the country. The government used more than 1500 troops with war weapons for almost 48 hours in Monimbó. It was the only way to destroy the barricades for a while. A hunt through the whole country began, with a large number of deaths in zones such as Jinotepe or Lovago, as well as uncountable detentions and forced migration of resistance leaders.
This offensive was supposed to “normalize” the situation on the context of the official activities on the 19th of July, and to bury the struggle once and for all. Even though it is true that the government managed to have a relative control over the situation, Ortega-Murillo’s tyranny is still sentenced to death. On the opposition lines there’s a lot of confusion and dispersion from the struggle, but even with the repression the will of fighting remains intact.
The Hypocrisy of OAS, Imperialism and COSEP¹
While the “cleaning operation” was taking place, OAS approved a resolution about Nicaragua, in which they call for keeping a dialogue, investigating crimes and anticipating the elections. It neither condemns Ortega’s government nor blames it for the murders. And does not even ask for to remove Ortega-Murillo’s family from power, one of the main claims from the people of Nicaragua.
Many Nicaraguans celebrated OAS’s resolution, as they saw it as a diplomatic defeat for the dictatorship, but these commotions must not hide the complicity of such organization, not only with Ortega, but also with many other dictators such as Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras. This organization and imperialism’s policy is to sustain the dictatorship for a while. Imperialism wants a negotiated solution, anticipated elections, but is not even close to taking minimal actions such as confiscating the goods and accounts from Ortega-Murillo’s family.
The COSEP has never demanded the immediate removal of the dictator nor propelled a national strike for indefinite time. They present themselves as the main representatives of the Civic Alliance, even with the fact that they were allies of the government some months ago. All of these members appearing as “friends” are, in fact, enemies of the main claim from the people: “Down with Ortega”.
Dialogue and a “Pacific” Fight will only strengthen the Government 
The IWL has always stood against the so called National Dialogue and the few agreements firmed, such as the call coming from the Civic Alliance to “soften the blockades”. Self-appointed spokespeople without any democratic mechanism (with an agenda that was neither discussed nor approved by the people) and an abstract call for peace has given breath to the government and weakened the struggle, confusing and exposing thousands of workers to a savage and repressive offensive from the government.
The government propelled a violent offensive to disarm the same blockades the Alliance asked to soften, holding the power with bullets while facing a heroic but unarmed people at the other side of the barricades.
Now the struggle must gain strength, retake the blockades and show that the government lost completely the control over the streets and popular uprisings. But for that we must learn from our mistakes, so that we don’t repeat them.
A pacific fight against a military tyranny does not exist. We are not talking about terrorist actions or isolated guerrilla movements fighting on their own against the dictator. We are referring to necessity of self-defense for the people, so that they can defend millimeter after millimeter, in each district, factory and university.
There is also no negotiated or electoral alternative from tyranny, insisting on that will only help the government to bury the struggle. Ortega must leave office, forced by the people through blockades and strikes on the main production sectors. It must be done discussing among the rank and file, in a democratic way, the next steps for the fight and how to defend themselves from the dictator, without impositions from the Alliance. It is also essential to have total independence from COSEP, OAS and from imperialism itself to keep the struggle, as well as overcome the illusion that the Church mediation or the intersession of organizations such as CIDH will save lives or end the dictatorship. In the words of the common saying: only the people can save the people.
(¹)Private Companies’ Superior Council
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