Sun Feb 25, 2024
February 25, 2024

The resistance continues


 We publish the statement of Tunis organization Ligue de Lutte de la Jeunesse (LLJ) – Struggle Ligue of Youth


Kaserine arises… all youth must raise!

Youth is dying due to corruption and exploitation, but we still have hopes of having a job, freedom and dignity after the revolution, which has been stolen by backward, reactionary forces. Powers of capital and authority took advantage out of this revolution.

Their parliament and government continue to increase rich people’s welth, while they deepen the poverty of the people through decisions and laws dedicated to fulfill the interests of imperialism and business of the capital. But the youth has raised again to defend our martirs and denounce the dirtyness of the welthy people.

Young revolutionaries, students, workers and unemployed, we have to continue with our struggle! We have nothing to lose except our chains!

Let’s organize and unite under the same flag, against this gang of thieves!

Work is a right!

Work, Freedom and Dignity!

The people wants to defeat the regime!


Ligue de Lutte de la Jeunesse (LLJ) – Struggle Ligue of Youth

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