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June 04, 2023

The Military Quagmire In Southern Syria

Syrian forces attacked areas on the Syrian-Palestinian-Jordanian border displacing their residents. 

By Victorios Shams

August 8, 2018
Many people were killed and others captured.
Meanwhile Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited the area and stated that the return of the Syrian army to that zone would restore security to the border as it has always been earlier to 2011.
In the meantime, the United Nations Disengagement Forces, which came after the 1974 Armistice Agreement and which left the region in 2014 after fierce clashes between the regime forces and the Free Syrian Army, returned to exercise their functions dealing with Russian forces.
On the other side of the city of Suweida, Daesh (the so-called Islamic State) attacked some villages killing more than 200 people and capturing others this week.
Then it left to the desert.
People believe that the regime brings Daesh members to those areas it wants to destroy.
The regime transfers Daesh forces from one area to another by bus. This is what happened in Qalamoun when Daesh forces were taken to Deir al-Zour and Al-Bukamal.
The same happened now, when Daesh was brought from Al-Ghouta to the eastern parts of Suweida.
Why Suweida?
Because potentially there are fifty thousand young Syrians in Suweida who could eventually be recruited.
Therefore the army of the regime would be reinforced by these new soldiers instead of Iranian forces.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi stated that Iran is reconsidering its presence in Syria, partially or entirely.
Thus, based on previous meetings between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the Israeli leadership, it seems that there is an agreement to recruit the young people of the city of Suweida in order to replace the Iranians.
The Syrian army has around forty thousand soldiers and it cannot cover the entire Syrian territory.
The clashes between the army of the regime and some other factions in the east of Suweida continue.
The people of Suweida are terrified by these clashes and the future scenarios, and so far refuse to deliver their children to the army of the regime.
*** Victorios Shams is a Syrian journalist. He writes a weekly report on the Syrian revolution for Socialist Perspective video news on the Arab world from the perspective of the working class produced by PSTU (IWL-FI Brazilian Section)

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