The so-called “humanitarian aid” of Guaidó-Trump completely failed. There was a clear defeat of imperialism, which is very positive. However, there was no victory of the Venezuelan people. Maduro, the bourgeois and corrupt dictator remains in office by maintaining the workers and the people in acute misery.


Guaidó promised to mobilize one million people to force the entry of “aid” sent by Trump. He had the direct support of Duque, Bolsonaro and Piñera, the Latin American far right wing. He hoped to force a break in the Venezuelan Armed Forces that would allow him to cross the frontier with his convoy and then overthrow Maduro. He did not achieve any of this.

The mobilization to the frontier was small. Actually, it was only the population of the region, desperate due to hunger. There was not “human tide” going to the military headquarters.

The “humanitarian aid” was limited to a few trucks in the Colombian frontier that were burned. In the Brazilian frontier, two trucks, a very small “aid”. One of them was delayed due to a flat tire. Guaidó assured the convoy would enter. He completely failed.

In case they had managed to enter Venezuela, the “aid” would not have been efficient even for the population of the frontiers. It was only an imperialist maneuver of propaganda and pressure, cynically exploiting the real needs of food and medicine of the Venezuelan people.

There were desertions of Venezuelan military, but not many and without actual significant expression. There was no break in the armed forces as imperialism expected. Maduro withheld the control of the situation. His international image was even more worn out for having repressed his people once again and having stopped the entrance of food and medicines. However, he remains in office.

The imperialist maneuver ended in a complete fiasco. Guaidó was weakened with the episode.

In the meeting of the Lima group in Colombia, with the presence of North American vice-president, Mourão (General, vice-president of Brazil), Duque and representatives of the Latin American far right wing, Guaidó stated he “does not rule out” a foreign invasion of Venezuela. The conclusion of the meeting was to increase the economic pressure on Venezuela without a military invasion, at least for the time being.

We correctly denounced, since the beginning, the imperialist maneuver that failed over Venezuela. We will oppose any other imperialist intervention on the country. If there is any foreign intervention in Venezuela, we will stand in the military field that faces imperialism, without any political support to Maduro.

Neither Maduro nor Guaidó!

Most of the Latin American reformist left wing supported Maduro in this confrontation with Guaidó-Trump without criticism. No surprise there. They are the same ones who have always supported Chavism.

We reject this role. We stand against the imperialist maneuver because Venezuela is a semi-colonial country and we reject imperialist intervention. We want the Venezuelan masses to overthrow Maduro, not imperialism. A victory of Guaidó-Trump would not mean the end of the misery of Venezuelan masses, nor the end of repression.

This reformist, pro-Maduro, Latin American left wing must explain why after twenty years of Chavism in office, Venezuela arrived to such a brutal crisis. How to explain that capitalist and imperialist exploitation continues to exist in the country today? How to explain the existence of the boli-bourgeoisie, whose center is the high command of the Armed Forces, with Diosdado Cabello in the lead? This bourgeoisie lives with high luxury, as opposed to the hungered people.

Maduro says that Venezuela does not need humanitarian aid. He openly lies with the support of the accomplice reformist left wing. There is desperation among the Venezuelan masses due to hyperinflation and shortages.

Why is the current situation different from 2002, when the Venezuelan masses defeated the imperialist coup? Because the Venezuelan people broke with Maduro, and the government had to repress traditionally Chavist neighborhoods in Caracas, like the 23 Enero and the Petare.

This reformist left wing says that in Venezuela there are only two fields, imperialism and Maduro, and they stand alongside Maduro. We have always fought Chavism, as well as pro-imperialist right wing in Venezuela, to build a workers’ political field against these two bourgeois fields.

We supported and participated in the great mobilizations for Out with Maduro in Venezuela, fighting its bourgeois leadership. We want the Venezuelan masses to overthrow Maduro. Neither Guaidó nor Trump want this because they may lose the control of the situation. For this, Guiadó attempted the operation that failed. The correct way to overthrow Maduro is not an alliance with imperialism, but mass mobilization.

If there were a military invasion in Venezuela, we will stand in the military field directly facing imperialism. However, without any type of support for this bourgeois and corrupt dictator.

At this time, it is necessary for the Venezuelan masses to retake their mobilizations against Maduro, without trusting Guaidó. This pro-imperialist alternative will not lead to any actual victory of the Venezuelan workers.

Down with imperialist maneuvers against Venezuela!

Neither Maduro nor Guaidó!

Out with Maduro!

For a workers’ government in Venezuela that breaks with imperialism!

Stop foreign debt payment to guarantee food and medicines for the people!

For the expropriation of imperialist and boli-bourgeois enterprises!


Translated by Ale Ramírez