The events on Capitol Hill came as if they had fallen from the sky, both for the Democratic party as well as for the bipartisan regime and its new president, as the revolt came exactly to downplay the health chaos and the failure of the Democratic/Republican government to protect the population from the clutches of the coronavirus pandemic, which mainly affects the poor and the working class. 

By CORRIENTE OBRERA LIT-CI, Los Angeles – California

Without a January 6, what stood out without a doubt as an event that required urgent and due attention, was the health crisis, as the fundamental political axis, but with that, the bipartisan corporate politicians ran the risk of not being able to adequately cover their failure to protect the population, and start off negatively, because as we have already said, that failure is of the entire Democratic and Republican government at the national level, and not only exclusively of the Trump administration. 

What was really needed to be done at the inauguration of this new administration, particularly in the face of the health crisis, was to use all possible capabilities and resources available to reverse the chaos and develop a true national emergency plan to respond to the contagion and death, as well as the loss of their homes and the deepening poverty that is particularly devastating to the working class, and most of all to essential workers across the country. Clearly, this was not the case, and we know that even if Biden had included the health emergency as the central point in his inaugural address as president, he would have done so to hide the truth, twist the facts and create false illusions in the population in order to look good and give a positive image in that initial speech of his administration, this past January 20th. Biden’s inauguration and the whole spectacle has a clearly bourgeois-corporate class political content, with the intention of strongly exploiting nationalism, stir up that other kind of sick patriotism different from Trump’s, and make ridiculous and demagogic boasts about the supposed great democracy and freedom that according to them exists in the United States. They turned the actions of Trump’s followers on January 6 at the Capitol, as the most abominable act committed against democracy, constitutional order and freedom, which clearly only exists for corporate Democrats and Republicans, presenting it as if it applied to everyone equally, thus categorically hiding the repression, discrimination and political dispossession that historically has been committed against minorities, poor people and the working class, and of which they say nothing. 

In the face of the existing health catastrophe, it is not a matter of going on television making a big speech full of statistical data and promising millions of vaccines against the coronavirus, just to look good, as government politicians have been doing, including Biden in his inaugural speech. Vaccines that in reality did not even exist in the quantities promised, because they made thousands of people wait for hours and at the end of the day they closed vaccine places without giving what they had promised. They also promote on television the supposedly great work to attend to the infected, and say nothing about the protests of different essential labor sectors that have had to threaten, or have gone directly on strike to demand personal protection equipment, and to hire more employees to cope with a large number of infected people, and they have also demanded to extend the capacities of hospitals in the face of overcrowding and to improve the health care service that they denounce to be of very poor quality, and that Biden did not mention at any time in his speech. Those essential workers have coincidentally been the ones who have ended up infected in large numbers, as is the case of nurses, doctors, bus drivers, supermarket employees, restaurant and farmworkers, the latter three being of great immigrant composition. 

We are therefore initiating a new administration that we honestly think will not change much the political tendency that Trump has been implementing, but what will change is the discourse for one much more hypocritical, that will sound different, positive and inclusive, tacitly hiding that repression and discrimination against the proletariat, and that undoubtedly Biden will implement all his efforts but to ensure the protection and welfare of the corporate ruling class that he represents, and for whom both Democrats and Republicans work. 

The tragedy suffered by the proletarians with the contagion and death, with the unemployment and loss of their homes, as a result of the terrible job that the governments of the rich have been doing to face the coronavirus pandemic, does not have to continue like this and much less is it a matter of resignation and acceptance of this chaotic situation. Since it is not the big financial corporations that are getting infected, governments do not act with all the possible potential, on the contrary, they try to reduce the population by this means, by contagion and death, since for them the problem of poverty and hunger existing in the planet is attributed to this supposed overpopulation, and they prefer to annihilate or let millions of human beings die rather than allowing the peoples of the world, in despair of poverty, to deprive them of their wealth. Rather than allocate great resources to protect that social working class that they definitely treat and see as an enemy. 

The bourgeoisie is not going to risk the control they have over the governments, and the total domination they exercise from here to China, since their priority is themselves as a rich and privileged social class. 

But time is over for many proletarians devastated by the pandemic and other ills, which continue to threaten those who still survive, but we can not continue to wait and sleep complacently, because if we did not die with this plague, we do not know how they will abandon us for the next, and in this reality, we have to draw conclusions and see that it is time for workers of all the countries of the world to organize and fight to change all this chaotic reality that oppresses and kills us, and implement revolutionary socialist processes to achieve the establishment of governments of the workers, with the workers protecting the welfare of the poor and working people, as simple and categorical as that.