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September 27, 2022

Sudan: Diary of a Revolution 2

The City of Iron and Fire sends a revolutionary train

In the last report it was stated that the railways did not function any more under the regime led by Omar Al-Bashir, and before. That was true, but a revolution can revive and organise many things that the masses need and want.

By Martin Ralph (ISL- UK)


23 April

The NISS (National Intelligence and Security Service) militias tried to break the occupation today but people organized to block the main roads with cars. So the NISS troops couldn’t reach the occupation.

Workers from the collapsed railway company transported protesters from Atbara (where the uprising started in December 2018) in order to join Army HQ occupation, a distance of 350 km.

Atbara is known as the “City of Iron and Fire”. It was the birthplace of the present revolution in December 2018. It became the hub of the Sudanese railway network, the best in Africa, and an important industrial centre. Worker activity created a strong Union in the 1940s but four decades later, under Numeiry’s dictatorship, the railways were picked apart and decentralised in an attempt to crush workers’ strikes.

The journey, on 23 April, is the same that was made in April 1985, that followed the end of Jafar Al Numeiry’s rule.

Media reports say that al-Bashir is currently being held in solitary confinement and two of his brothers have been arrested along with senior allies of the former ruling party. The military reported having found huge sums of money in Al-Bashir’s house and said a probe was underway over the funds.

It is not for the military to decide, it is for them step aside and hand over control to a civilian government created by the organisations of the revolution. All power to those who lead to revolution today.

It seems an incredible number but Zain telecommunications company estimated that today there were 12 million people at the Army’s HQ occupations. From the social media pictures it seems that there are millions. The population of Sudan is 42.5 million people (based on UN estimates).

24 April: The revolution continues.


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