Sat Mar 02, 2024
March 02, 2024

Statement of the National Leadership of PSTU – Brazil

A group of comrades has left the ranks of PSTU to form a different organization. The split took place after months of a widely democratic internal debate, in which political, theoretical and programmatic differences were exposed. The most important difference was on what should be our policy regarding the fall of Dilma’s government of class collaboration, conformed by the PT and its bourgeois allies.

 The group now breaking with the PSTU was against the policy of the party, expressed in the slogan “Out with Dilma, Aécio, Temer, Cunha; out with all of them!”.

To their opinion, the PSTU should raise “No to impeachment” as its main slogan, and in this context, affirm our opposition to both Dilma and Temer. They defended that our party participated of the events called by the Frente Pueblo Sin Miedo [People Without Fear Front], to call them to conform a third field around the slogan “No to Impeachment”.

Most of the party rejected this position for considering that “No to impeachment” and the participation of events of the FPSM meant, in reality, to have the same policy as the campaign against the alleged coup, taken ahead by the PT to keep Dilma in power.

The FPSM, led by the MTST and the PSOL, was essentially the left wing of the campaign for “Stay Dilma”.

The position of the comrades does not consider the fact Dilma’s government, by PT, miserably betrayed the workers and attacked their rights, awakening in them a more than deserved feeling of hate. The workers wanted the government out, and such feeling was fair and correct. Dilma’s government was not “progressive” next to any other bourgeois alternative, like Temer. For the workers, they are the same. Therefore, we must not defend one against the other but struggle against both. Out with Dilma, Temer, Cunha and Aécio! Out with all of them!


Also, to our opinion, the comrades give a bigger importance to the bourgeois elections than what these should have for the revolutionaries. They defend we need to establish, systematically, alliances and fronts with parties like the PSOL, which is a reformist organization, as to present by our own would be to isolate. This evaluation is based on the vision that we live a globally long period in which the possibility of socialist revolutions is not posed, but just democratic revolutions, and therefore it is necessary to elect deputies and participate in the parliament.

Most of our party does not agree with this point of view. The project of PSOL is to radicalize democracy; the project of PSTU is to make the socialist revolution. These are two completely different things. There is no way to present and build a revolutionary alternative for the movement together with a reformist alternative, as they are opposed. United Front and Unity of Action, we will do with anyone, but serving the struggle of our class. To build a revolutionary alternative it is necessary to present it to the workers clearly.

The experience of PT is right here, to throw light to this debate. The PT was never a revolutionary party. It was a classist party, therefore progressive. But when it decided to make alliances with other parties to win the elections at any cost, it became something else: what we can see right here, right now.


The comrades did not want to wait until the Congress of the party, because they were not willing to defend the policy of the majority of our organization anymore.

The PSTU is sorry they decided to split, as this no doubt weakens the struggle for [the construction of] a revolutionary party in our country. This step back is a fact. But the struggle of the working class for its liberation is full of obstacles and setbacks. It is on them our firm determination of constructing the revolutionary party is forged.

Without a doubt, we do make a lot of mistakes. But we are proud to show a coherent trajectory and a flag clean of opportunist and class collaboration stains. We will continue on this trajectory.

The young people who 40 years ago founded Liga Operaria [Workers’ League], then Convergencia Socialista [Socialist Convergence] and, today, the PSTU, had since the beginning the political project of building a party to struggle for the working class to make a revolution, take the power, end the capitalist exploitations, all kind of oppression, and build socialism. An internationalist party, linked from its bases to a revolutionary international organization, the International Workers’ League – Fourth International (IWL-FI), willing to take ahead any front or unity of action to struggle for the interests of the workers, against the capital and also against all kind of male-chauvinist, racist or homophobic oppression, but to also never lose sight of our main goal.

To the comrades that accompanied out trajectory during these last years and help to build the PSTU, and specifically to the thousand of workers and youth, who struggled over these last years, we make this call: it is time to intensify efforts for the construction of this revolutionary tool! Take this flag in your hands!

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