Fri Feb 23, 2024
February 23, 2024

Statement of CCT Paraguay on the Political Crisis

  1. The Working Class Confederation (CCT) strongly condemns the amendment born from the agreement between Cartes, Lugo and Llano, who are violating basic forms of institutionality to the effect of imposing the reelection of figures well known by us because of their economic and repressive attacks against the working and unionist movement.
  2. The assault by the police to a party office and the murder of Rodrigo Quintana are unjustified actions that we strongly repudiate. We demand the Prosecution a full investigation of events to exemplary punish the material responsible ones and, specially, those who gave the order and ran the operation.
  3. Our firm and categoric stand before the amendment do not represent trust not support to any other political candidate that looks to take political credit of the current situation. We know them and we know they have made decisions against the interests of the working people when they had the chance. We oppose to that because we cannot tolerate another setback for the political regime already attacked by Cartes and his gang.
  4. Down with the Amendment! Is the current flag to raise, and it must wave in every hand, in every street of our country.
  5. We call all unions of the CCT to demonstrate against the imposition of the amendment that discusses legality through mugging, and overall to take initiatives carrying or joining to demonstrations along the country. We call the Plenary of Federations to call for a Congress, as the current situation demands a General Strike to put workers on the first line of people’s struggle. Also, we repudiate the shameful statement of the CUT and the CGT, Cartist federations that once again evidenced complete political and ethical degeneration.
  6. Last, we encourage all segments of the working people, specially the youth which is the undeniable vanguard of the ressistance process, to remain mobilized across the country to put this project in the dumpster that it belongs to.

Julio López
President of the Working Class Confederation.

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