Wed Jul 17, 2024
July 17, 2024

Solidarity To Idlib From Brazil

Brazilian and Arab activists held a beautiful action in solidarity to the Syrian population under siege and bombs in Idlib.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

Carrying a huge flag of the Syrian revolution, they demonstrated in the main avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
They denounced the criminal actions by Syrian regime and their Russian and Iranian allies together with the indirect support and/or omission by all Western and regional powers.
They demanded the bombings to end, the perpetrators to be trialed, all foreign forces to leave Syrian lands and the right of the Syrian people to overthrow the dictatorship and live in freedom.
In front of the Syrian consulate they paid a homage to the Syrian revolutionary martyrs, announced the names and history of some of them and released green/black/white rubber balloons into the air.

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