The facts that Sedat Peker, one of the leading figures of the Turkish mafia and a supporter of the regime who fled abroad as a result of an internal conflict and the information that he began to tell through social media, can have serious consequences for the regime. These statements show to what extent the “Neo-Bonapartist” Palace regime has deteriorated and to what extent the network of dirty relations on which it has risen has spread, with all its economic, political and mafia dimensions. 


By Hakkı Yükselen  –  July 2, 2021


However, it cannot be said that the reason for this “deep” information to be revealed is simply the resentment or disappointment of an angry mafia boss. This situation is mainly the result of a conflict inside the regime and the state. The details, accuracy and probability of Sedat Peker’s disclosure also show that the information was largely leaked from within the state. An important part of Peker’s sages are about the “deep state”-related events in which he is already involved.

The common opinion of the public is that the end of the matter extends to the Palace and the President. This is understandable considering the autocratic nature of the regime and the chain of crime and interest that formed around the palace. However, the person at the heart of the scandal and allegations at the moment is Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. The minister also has the unequivocal support of Bahceli, Chairman of the traditional fascist party MHP. He is protected by him. It is known that Soylu has long established a power center within the regime with the support of the fascists and his supporters in the ruling AKP party. Soylu, who is in a power struggle with the President’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak, aims to become the president (president) after Erdogan.

As a matter of fact, the information announced by Peker shows that the Minister of Interior is engaged in a “ganging” activity in which businessmen, bureaucrats, members of the police and mafia, paramilitaries, journalists, etc. take place in line with this goal. Peker also says that the Minister engaged in completely illegal business and relations in order to finance his activities and provide the necessary financial resources for this. Peker stated that the Minister of Interior seized the money and properties of various businessmen through blackmail and threats; He also explained in detail that he distributed weapons to certain groups in order to form paramilitary groups affiliated with him. It has also been revealed that thousands of state-owned weapons are missing. The guns are given to pro-government paramilitaries.

However, in recent days, there has been talk of other dark relations, one end of which is based on South America. In particular, the existence of heavy cocaine traffic between the Bolivar Port in Ecuador operated by a Turkish company and a Turkish port operated by the same company has been proven. Turkey, which was already a heroin transit line recently, has also become a transit route for cocaine trade to Europe. According to Peker’s statements, the share taken from this traffic is one of the financial sources of the political activities of the Minister of Interior and some circles.

As we mentioned above, the biggest supporter of Interior Minister Soylu is the Fascist MHP. It was the support of the fascists that enabled the Minister of Interior, who had recently fallen out of favor with Erdogan due to the fact that the facts about him were revealed so clearly and his clear preparations for power, remained in his ministry. Of course, this support is not in vain. Bahçeli (Leader of fascist party) is an ardent defender of the regime, even more so than Erdogan! Its aim is to seize the opportunity provided by the new regime and to establish a fascist regime through an internal transformation. Even though the fascist party suffers a serious loss of votes as a result of the failure of the regime it supports uncompromisingly in every field, it continues this support with the thought that it will come back to power.

In our newspaper, we have been saying for a very long time that different power groups competing with each other within the regime may attempt a coup in the palace if Erdoğan dies or loses power. These palace coups or attempts in this way can cause a bloody political chaos that can spread to the streets and various levels of the state if they happen. Such a process is highly likely to lead to a military coup that the US and the EU can also support, on the condition of a “return to democracy”.

Of course, all this does not eliminate the fact that Erdogan is guilty in the first degree. First of all, it is the “neo-Bonapartist” regime established by Erdogan that forms the roof of all these dirty relations. There is an extremely “dirty” order built directly by the President and operating under his control and protection. Almost every business is run in an “out-of-date” way. The economic resources of the country are shared between the economic-political-mafia groups included in this system, and the country is plundered. The Erdogan family receives a large share of the profits of these activities.

It is also known that there are paramilitary groups that are said to be directly affiliated with Erdoğan. To these, we can add the groups fighting against the Assad regime in Syria with the financial and weapon support of the Turkish state. The salaries of these Islamist groups, organized by the Turkish intelligence under the name “Syrian National Army”, used against the Kurdish national movement in Syria and sent to fight in various regions, especially Libya, are paid by Turkey. There are concerns that these groups will be used in Turkey’s domestic politics after a while.

There are many signs that Erdogan will not want to surrender power if he loses the elections despite the electoral laws and electoral fraud that will be changed. This is already a common belief in Turkey. The militant supporters of the regime are for the continuation of this regime “at all costs”.

Turkey has been governed by “presidential decrees” since the military coup attempt on 15 July 2016. The fact that this application was extended for three years a few days ago; The words of Erdoğan and Bahçeli, which imply that they will not recognize the election results and will not hand over power when necessary, reinforce this opinion. The “neo-Bonapartist” regime that is dominant in Turkey will inevitably gain the character of a “civil war regime” if it can not be destroyed and continue its existence despite all the failures and weaknesses of the administration.

The statements of the mafia boss led to the disclosure of Turkey’s known “secrets” in even more detail.