For amnesty, against repression and for the right to decide! Do not stop the fight!

Corriente Roja Statement

After a week of struggle that we will never forget, the repression has not set us back. Not only did we resist the savage joint repression of the Mossos d’Esquadra [the police of the Generalitat of Catalonia] and the Spanish National Police, but we forced them to retreat.

The balance, however, is brutal: 600 injured, with one girl between life and death, 200 detainees, 19 of whom are in prison without bail. And this is only the beginning because they seek revenge and continue the arrests, with fabricated accusations involving long prison sentences.

Today, we also overcome pacifism at all costs that preached the independence leadership but condemned self-defence as if it were a crime. The protest movement overcame the Generalitat government, who called the mobilisation, but made the Mossos d’Esquadra available to the National Police, and condemned the young people facing repression.

Now they want to cool the protest and redirect it to the usual institutional paths, in the name of a “dialogue” with Pedro Sánchez who will not accept it and which everyone knows is unfeasible.

It is no time to stop. We must continue the fight!

The mobilised people must face the struggle!

Let’s create Popular Assemblies!

There is no trust in the government of the Generalitat!

We cannot allow what we build today to be stolen and drowned again in the institutional impasse. We have to face the fight. We cannot be reduced to following the above slogans, but we have to decide democratically among all. We have to organise Popular Assemblies in all neighbourhoods, cities, work and study centres, and coordinate them, to form a network that had become a real popular counterpower.

These Assemblies can best assume the defence of detainees and organise collective self-defence. We also need a common program that unifies them, which can be the following points taken by all who struggle:

  • Amnesty for convicted political prisoners; return of exiles; freedom without charge of all imprisoned detainees; sufficient number of prisons; file all open legal cases.
  • Stop repression: Outside the National Police and Civil Guard of Catalonia; Buch resign [Buch is a Generalitat Interior Advisor]; dissolution of BRIMO [riot squad of Mossos d’Esquadra]; general release of controls from Mossos d’Esquadra; establish those responsible for police brutalities committed.
  • Self-determination: a referendum to decide the political future of Catalonia, without submitting it to any authorisation from the Spanish state. We call on the CUP to place its municipal and parliamentary positions at the service of this battle and not at the service of parliamentary agreements.

We must build a workers’ revolutionary and internationalist left

In Corrent Roig [Red Current in Catalonia] we understand this struggle as a fundamental part of a common struggle with the rest of the workers and people of the state to end a monarchy allergic to democratic freedoms and social rights and to build a confederation of free republics. This is a struggle that is part of the battle against the European Union (enemy of Catalonia and the workers) and for a socialist Europe of workers and peoples.

To fight for all this, it is urgent that we join forces to build a revolutionary, workers’ and internationalist left that raises these flags. Come build it with us.

Barcelona, October 25, 2019