Gaza Agency reports that two left-wing Palestinian organisations, FPLP and FDLP, organised a demonstration “to expose the bloodthirsty insanity unleashed in Gaza” (see pages and


The source informs: “FPNP as well as FDLP issued a statement calling for the end of the bloodshed and for the union of the Palestinians. The issue is Palestine rejecting the combats and the overall violence between Al Fatah and Hamas. Numerous national personalities, institutions of the civil society and hundreds of citizens participated in the demonstration at the head of which party cadres marched and members of both organisations. Demonstrators chanted demands calling for national unity and exposing all kinds of divisions as well as resorting to weapons inside Palestine. The FPLP. has insisted on the need for a total national dialogue and a reconsideration of the security institutions on egalitarian and professional bases.”


We do not agree with this focus of the conflict. The standpoint of “stop the fratricide war” would be valid is there were two bands representing similar sectors of the population and if they fought for secondary issue or for the division of financial resources. But this is not the case here. What we are witnessing today on the Palestinian territory is the outcome of the policy of a collaborationist policy, totally capitulating to Israel and imperialism in quest of annihilating the resistance that ha not surrendered yet.


It is not possible to analyse the current confrontations as simply struggles Al Fatah vs. Hamas, as the organisation between two similar organisations of the Palestinian people that should get together instead of fighting each other. We must see deeper than that. One of the organisations (Al Fatah) has joined the enemy of the Palestinian people.


Once again, let us see the analogy of then the Nazis occupied France and installed the Vichy administration: the Resistance fought against the occupation and had to confront not only the nazis but also the French who collaborated with them. Or when the USA occupied South Vietnam and set up a puppet government in Saigon: the Vietcong resistance attacked the American troops as well as the soldiers and officials of the dummy government. At that time, left-wing organisation would call for unity between the resistance and the collaborationists. This is what is happening in Palestine today since the time Abbas and the leadership of Al Fatah decided to support the imperialist and Zionist project.


The unity of those who wish to fight for the Palestinian cause is indispensable for a victory to occur. But to call for the unity of collaborationists and agents of the enemy, regarding them as allies, goes deeply against this struggle for it misleads the Palestinian masses as to the real meaning of the current confrontations. And such confusion only serves the interest of Israel and imperialism.