The III Congress of the PSTU was held on May 26, 27 and 28. This is the highest instance of debate and elaboration of our organization. During 3 days, we had intense debates on the international and national situation, on our partys project for the upcoming period, and many other debates, with delegates coming from every region where the PSTU is present and participates and supports the struggles of workers and the people, like the recent struggle of General Motors workers, and the oil workers from Patagonia.

By PSTU Argentina.


During the months previous to the Congress, these debates took place in the whole party and were the prelude that set the bases for the Congress itself. This is because we consider the collective elaboration, the political debate, and the honest discussion, as essential aspects to define the best policy for each workplace, place of study or neighborhood, to propose a solution for workers and the people. Hitting as one fist against the bosses’ alternatives.

And so, during the pre-Congress months, and essentially during the Congress itself, the working comrades that came from different regions were vital to precise the opportunities of intervention opened after March Days and after the General Strike of April 6; the policy and program for the upcoming period; and to give a North to a project of construction of the party in the core of workers’ struggles, with the prospect of workers to be the majority of our party’s members and leadership.