54.8 million Brazilians are under the poverty line in 2017. That is what the National Institute for Geography and Statistics, a Brazilian official statistics center, announced last December 5, 2018.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup


Their study adopted the United Nations daily income criteria of US$ 5.50 per capita to set the poverty line.

There was an increase from 25,8% to 26,8% of the population under poverty line in relation to the previous year.

Black women are the most vulnerable social group.

Northern states are among the poorest in Brazil.

The Institute says that it is necessary around US$2.5 billion per year to place all the people above poverty line.

High unemployment and low wages are responsible for this social disaster.

CSP-Conlutas strongly opposes austerity policies which are responsible for unemployment and low wages. It believes the government must outlaw dismissals and push forward a national works scheme in order to fight back joblessness.