Tue Jul 23, 2024
July 23, 2024

Physical Aggression in Bari: an Activist from Communist Alternative was seriously wounded

On Friday September 21, after the participation in the anti-racist demonstration in Bari, a comrade from Communist Alternative, Giacomo Petrelli, was violently assaulted and wounded with bars of Steel, chains and leases, by the fascist group Casapound. Our comrade suffered head injuries and he was taken to the emergency room, where he will remain ten more days for a diagnostic. Besides him, they seriously wounded another comrade of Refundación Comunista and several others were also attacked.
Press release from the Communist Alternative Party (PdAC)
The Alternative Communist Party expresses solidarity with all the wounded co-workers and denounces this serious fact. A fascist aggression that shows what the racial hatred and intolerance propaganda pushed by government representatives may lead to, among them the Inland Minister Salvini. The fascist groups feel legitimated to carry out this type of actions and physically attack the anti-racist who go to the plaza to reinforce the tolerance and hospitality values.
We make a calling to organize self-defense in demonstrations; we call the anti-racist leaderships, in the strike pickets and the immigrant communities. Fascist violence shall not overcome!
Communist Alternative Party
(Partido de Alternativa Comunista)

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