Tue Jul 23, 2024
July 23, 2024

Peru: Solidarity to Pedro Condori

Working people are fighting back mining corporation’s abuses.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

On July 15, farmers and villagers blocked Peru’s main road near Arequipa.

They oppose the “Rio Maria” copper mining project by the giant Southern Copper Corporation as agriculture fields and water resources will be polluted.

The conflict around Rio Maria has been underway for 8 years.

Another conflict develops around Minera Casapalca, a Peruvian mining company, for union busting and labor rights’ breaches.

On 2007 and 2008 the mining workers held strikes and demonstrations for their rights.

The company persecuted union officials, among them the president Pedro Condori.

Few years later Pedro Condori was arrested for 15 months for the death of a policeman during a strike.

It was a frame-up. A strong campaign in solidarity to Pedro Condori finally succeed and Pedro was back to work.

On December 26, 2017, the corporation decided to rehire all workers illegally changing their contracts.

Pedro Condori refused and was illegally fired.

The courts reverted that decision and once again on June 26, 2019, Pedro Condori was fired.

On the background of both cases are the greedy policies of mining companies regarding both workers and local people.

CSP-Conlutas joins the campaign in solidarity to Pedro Condori.

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