Sat Feb 24, 2024
February 24, 2024

Bread, Peace, and Land (1917-2017)

In the past days we presented, in several countries, the documentary Bread, Peace, and Land (1917-2017), in which 8 working, partisan, peasant, and popular leaders show, from their places of struggle, what the Russian Revolution meant to them.
The documentary was filmed in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and Russia (Moscow and Saint Petersburg) and it shows the currency of the lessons of October Revolution for the activists of today.
Together with the documentary, we are launching the book of the movie (with the same name), in which we present the full interviews that appear in the movie. This material is complemented by Russian Revolution leaders’ documents and texts.
All of this is illustrated with a significant number of pictures of these leaders and the Russian Revolution. The book also includes interviews with three of the main producers of the film.

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