Since October 19, thousands of you are out in the Santiago streets, slowly spreading through the entire country.

By MIT Chile


Your uniforms and fusils try to be part of the landscapes of the cities. We know that the period you will be in this institution, for many of you, will be short. Only the time that Compulsory Military Service lasts. Others might see in the Army a future and labor stability, a professional career in guns, and the pride of your parents that, may be, from a faraway town or village dream with the day they will hug you again.

All of this would be perfect if you were part of a respected, beloved institution. But you and us know that none of this is possible, as the Chilean Army is run by a cast that obeys the most powerful sector in the country, and that today is using you to guard their own private property and shoot against your brothers and sisters, like in 1973.

Today we are out in the streets, and the powerful ones are full of fear because, in this battle, they can be defeated. This depends on you, and they know it.

Each one of you, your friends and families, just like us, our parents and brothers, since the day we were born, were educated in obeying the powerful ones. Our bricklayer or field-worker parents, semi-illiterate, and our mothers, seamstresses, domestic employees or housewives for many years, built your houses, cooked your meals, took care of your beloved children, receiving a miserable wage with no right but swallowing their own outrage, support hunger and cold.

Today, while you walk through the streets guarding the wealth challenged by thousands of men and women tired of so much exploitation, you should see in each face your own brother, sister, girlfriend, parents’ face, full on anger as we are – the hundreds of thousands that said ENOUGH and went onto the streets to recover what was taken from us for several generations.

Soldier, Conscript, Sergeant: think of the cold nights in the desert guarding the border of a country that does not belong to us, and the heat that suffocates your young body, tired of knowing you will never achieve the living conditions of your corrupt General… and turn your fusil around. Point it at the powerful one. Scream at him that you do not belong to his world. That your people is in the streets, and only in the streets you will achieve the rights to stop being a number and start being a proud member of your class, the brave and bold class that decided not to give a truce to those who want to make us their slaves.


International Workers’ Movement