The Centre for Marxist Education David Ryazanov (CFMRiazanov) it’s begining its activities in the next weeks. The online Education Center is an initiative of the IWL-FI, International Workers League – Fourth International, which aims to contribute to the spread of Marxist theory to new generations of activists that arise around the world.

Through a digital platform, it will be offered online courses that will feature video lectures and mini-documentaries. There will also be interactive tools that will allow each student to ask questions, exposing their opinion and participate in discussions on the topics presented by a teacher. The project is the result of a resolution passed at the eleventh IWL-FI Congress giving special priority to theory and program update. Besides the spread of theoretical issues, the Center’s intention is to help in the Marxist education of new revolutionary cadres. The education center will carry the name of the Russian revolutionary David Ryazanov, who participated actively in the Russian Revolution of 1917 as a political leader. He also founded and was made director, on the advice of Lenin, of the Marx-Engels Institute in 1921. To learn more about the history and the legacy of David Ryazanov check out the article by Francesco Ricci, a member of the Italian IWL-FI’s section, the Party for Communist Alternative (PdAC) on this website (to be posted later, but already available in Spanish and Portuguese).