Tue Mar 21, 2023
March 21, 2023

On the "migration crisis" in Ceuta: Who has invaded whom?

The events in Ceuta lay bare the migration policies of the European Union and the Spanish government, in this case, the PSOE-UP coalition government. Casado’s reactionary talk is backed by the fascist gestures of Abascal and his followers. We are facing an “invasion to take Ceuta,” “Stop, identify and expel those who have violated our sovereignty,” they harangue from the parliamentary tribune while demanding from Pedro Sánchez’s government “firmness and forcefulness to defend Spanish borders.”

By Ángel Luis Parras, of Corriente Roja

It is enough to see the images of the barbaric invaders, some of them even equipped with dummies, to understand the moral character and intellectual level of these charlatans in a parliamentary tribune.

Their bravado is directly proportional to the cowardice of others. It would be enough to ask them: Who is invading whom? The same people who shout at the top of their lungs Spanish Gibraltar! without needing to appeal to any argument other than the simple geographical location of the Rock, find it incomprehensible to understand that Ceuta, Melilla or the Chafarinas are Africa, part of a piece of territory stolen from Morocco and sustained by military force for centuries. Ceuta is an imperialist military enclave, so speak properly because, here, the real invaders are the ones with the red and yellow flag.

So the 8,000 who swam across, risking, as always, their lives, have every legitimacy to do so because nobody has to respect any law that condemns people to hunger or to die in the attempt to flee from it. And they have all the political, social and moral legitimacy to do so because they are on their continent and in their country, and the invaders are none other than those who today shout hysterically demanding the defence of sovereignty and national borders.

As long as the current government, now of a progressive coalition, continue to be part of the laws on foreigners, of the wall of the European Union and act like devout patriots who consider the military enclaves of Ceuta, Melilla and the Chafarinas Islands to be Spanish, we will continue to have episodes like the recent one or similar, and any day now the invasion will come with weapons much more forceful than a child’s dummy.

Vox, Casado and company cannot be fought with imperialist policies, whether they come from a right-wing government or a progressive coalition government.

The workers’ and democratic organisations are obliged to defend the right of reception of all the young people, men, women and children who have arrived in Ceuta, the end of the hot expulsions, the end of the Law on Foreigners and to dismantle this border of shame, demanding the return of Ceuta, Melilla and the Chafarinas Islands to Morocco.

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