BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - NOVEMBER 24: Armed soldiers stand guard over Bourse Metro Station on November 24, 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. At a press conference last night the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel announced that the city would remain at terror alert level four which is the country highest threat level. The Prime Minister also announced that the public transport system and schools would re-open Wednesday. (Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

The self-called Islamic State shows its reactionary face once again, by performing a new suicidal attack. Most dead people were probably workers, who are not responsible for wars and current occupations.

The true responsibles for the catastrophes we see in Middle East and the European borders are the governments and the imperialism. These attacks will be used to unleash a new repressive offensive against immigrants, Muslims, refugees and workers in general. We strongly repudiate today’s attacks in Brussels.

We also repudiate the criminal policy of the EU regarding the refugees coming to Europe. We are against the recent agreement between Turkey and the EU to send refugees back to Turkey. Only the independent mobilization of the oppressed ones and the people in general will be able to defeat ISIS and the imperialism, which promotes bloodthirsty wars to defend its own mean interests. Full solidarity with the victims and the families of the deceased!