A week ago, in Rosario [Santa Fe], a demonstration of 70.000 women participating in the 31st National Encounter of Women demanded from the government once again for #NiUnaMenos [Not One Less], for an emergency wage to fight violence against women, and to stop the femicides.

By PSTU Argentina.

Macri did not respond, but reality struke: Lucía Pérez, of only 16, daughter of workers, a highschool student in Mar del Plata, was brutally drugged, raped and murdered.

The direct responsible ones must be punished.

But the workers and the people must mobilize to confront the root causes so no more ‘Lucías’ get murdered by the male-chauvinist violence, and in name of all the ones that suffer daily discrimination in the factories, workplaces, universities and schools.

The main responsible of all this violence against the working class, specifically against women, is the Plan Macri, supported by the provincial and municipal governments.

It is a plan of hunger and layoffs, of hand-over to the imperialism –like with the Malvinas [Falkland Islands] to the British-, and of persecution of all those that struggle against it.

It is a plan that pretends to take care of violence against women providing a miserable budget of $1 [US$0,06] monthly per woman, while it fills the pockets of the multinationals and the vultures of the debt. It promises sexual education in schools while it attacks the public education with extremely low budgets and nefarious programs like the Operativo Aprender 2016 [Operation Learn 2016].


Today, the organizators of #NiUnaMenos are calling for a National Day of Struggle for Justice for Lucía and against the male-chaivinist violence and femicides, under the name of “Women Strike”.

At 1 pm, all of us have to stop activities, not only women! Women must stop for Lucía and all of us; men have to stop for their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters.

We can propose meetings and 1 hour stoppages in our workplaces and schools, “ruidazos” [to make noise with pans and kitchen tools], pickets, banners and all other possible actions.

And during the evening we have to fill the squares of the country.

We must demand for the workers and students’ unions to encourage and organice actions, following the example of the subway leadership, the AGTSyP [Union Association of Subway and Pre-Metro Workers], which already called, in Buenos Aires, to stop activities from 1 to 2 pm, and a rally from Obelisco to Plaza de Mayo [May Square] at 5 pm.

If we organize and demonstrate along the country, we will be in better conditions to demand from, and impose to, the CGT and the CTA the National Strike and Plan of Struggle they are denying, and that is so necessary to overthrow Macri’s Plan.

Justice for Lucía! Punish to the responsible ones!

October 19: National Day of Struggle against male-chauvinist violence and femicides!

At 1 pm: General Stoppage!

Let us organize meetings, partial stoppages, ruidazos and pickets in our work and study places!

Let us fill up the squares of the country!

In Buenos Aires, at 5 pm: Concentration in Obelisco and rally to May Square!

Down with the Plan Macri!

Emergency budget to fight violence against women!

National Strike of the CGT and CTA!


Translation: Sofia Ballack