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July 23, 2024

October 18 Unitary Rally: Free Sebastián Romero and Nullify Daniel Ruiz and Cesar Arakaki’s Trial!

The trial against Daniel Ruiz and César Arakaki is on its final days. The trial is plagued with irregularities at the service of the Prosecutor Juan García Elorreo and endorsed by Judge Javier Ríos. The Judge accepted one hundred witnesses presented by the Prosecutor, mostly policemen and public defender Alejandro Amor, while only two witnesses appointed by the defendants.

By PSTU-Argentina   October 12, 2021
Despite all these irregularities, they were unable to show any proof to find Daniel Ruiz or Cesar Arakaki guilty. This is far from determining acquittal, since the Judiciary System is biased towards arresting and criminalizing any workers who defend themselves from the State repression; while acquitting businessmen and plutocrats. The accommodation of both the court of Comodoro Py and the Supreme Court to the PASO (Argentinian primaries held on September 12, 2021) testifies.
The Judiciary is aware that the government will carry out strikes against working people such as the new agreement with the International Monetary Fund. While hunger and food prices increase, big landowners make profit records and union leaders are conspicuous by their absence, although the bosses advance with de facto labor reforms.
Daniel Ruiz and the PSTU do not expect absolutely nothing positive from this biased Judiciary as we have been denouncing since 2017. This is why we called a great unitary rally for the right to protest at the gates of Comodoro Py Courts on October 18, 2021.
On the other hand, we will continue to promote the workers’ self-organization and self-defense we have done on December 18, 2017 and as the “Primera Linea” (First Row) self-defense activists did in the mobilizations of Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong and others.
These struggles are the living proof that “the working class could emancipate itself only through its own efforts. Only workers’ self-organization will achieve affordable housing and food, stop sexism and the devastation of our natural resources.
While businessmen and corrupt people wait for their verdict in peace, workers fighters wait theirs in jail. Nobody will restore all the time in jail imposed to Daniel Ruiz, Sebastián Romero, Cesar Arakaki and Ponce. At the same time no worker will ever forget this injustice and people’s justice will trial all the political and police leaders as soon as possible.
Free Sebastián Romero!
Nullify the trial of Daniel Ruiz and Cesar Arakaki!
Freedom to Milagro Sala and all political prisoners!
Workers and People’s protest shall not be criminalized!
For the right to self-defense from State repression!

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