Tue Sep 26, 2023
September 26, 2023

No Unelected Commissioners in Liverpool! No Reduction in Democracy!

The following motions were passed by the Emergency Liverpool TUC Meeting on 27 March. We call on trade unions, community and social movements in the city to help mobilise a protest against the Tory attempt to take over the city.
By Liverpool TUC
This Liverpool construction branch is very concerned about Tory proposals for local government in Liverpool.
Tory Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has received a Report from local government inspectors into allegations of financial irregularities regarding building contracts in Liverpool that are currently being investigated by police. Jenrick has now made it clear that he will send unelected Commissioners into the city, with powers over Regeneration, Highways and Property Management transferred to them for three years.
In addition, the number of councillors is to be massively reduced, with single councillor wards, and whole council elections in 2023. This branch has had grave concerns about many aspects of this right-wing Labour council’s operations, not least the implementation of huge cuts to public services over the past ten years, but we are opposed to the imposition of unelected commissioners taking power away from democratically elected representatives.
Jenrick’s proposals will only compound the problems in our city as the system of directly elected Mayors, with powers to overrule decisions taken by elected councillors, creates an environment where alleged corruption can flourish; so reducing the number of councillors is no solution to the problem. Liverpool does not have a single Tory MP or councillor and yet Jenrick’s plan includes a review of Council assets. There is no mandate for the Government to make decisions on assets that can only be done democratically by our communities.
All city accounts must be made public so that the population, not the Tory government take the necessary steps to address the problem.
The people of Liverpool find themselves faced on one side with a Tory government imposing its rule from London and on the other side with a Labour Party agreeing to this power grab while being unable to conduct a democratic local election to choose their own candidate for city mayor.
We oppose the imposition of unelected commissioners within our city and we oppose the continuation of the business model adopted by the Liverpool Council.
We call on Liverpool TUC to make contact with trade unions, community and social movements organisations in the city to help mobilise a protest with a demand that no undemocratic rule is imposed by the Tory government and for local democracy to be strengthened.
We call on LTUC to organise an emergency meeting to invite trade unions, community and social movements for Tuesday 7 pm, 30 March.
24 March 2021
Liverpool NEU: Appointment of commissioners to Liverpool City Council
Liverpool NEU is concerned about the government’s decision to appoint commissioners to oversee the day to day running of Liverpool City Council. We recognise that there have been failings in the council but do not believe that bringing in commissioners is the appropriate response.
We fear that the appointment of commissioners will lead to increased outsourcing of council services, further privatisation and cuts.
Liverpool NEU opposes any privatisation or cuts to Liverpool City Council. We call Liverpool Trades Council to coordinate a campaign against any cuts to city council services and privatisation that come about as a result of commissioners coming into Liverpool.

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