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October 01, 2023

Nakba Day in Brazil

A set of events for Nakba Day honored Palestinian resistance against Zionism and their allies.

CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup
May 19, 2019

Culture started and ended the events.
A beautiful photo exposition called “Palestine, Our Land” by photographer Linah Bakr was inaugurated at Al Janiah pub and cultural center on May 14, 2019.
On May 18, a Dabke workshop led by Palestinian refugee Rawa Alsagheer put together Brazilians and Arabs in solidarity to Palestine.
Five movies were screened starting with Al Jazeera documentary “Al Nakba” by Rawan Damen and the international refugees orchestra “Mudana Refugi” made a performance.

Two actions were carried out on May 15.
In Sao Paulo, Palestinian activists took part in the giant demonstration in defense of public education in Sao Paulo to deliver leaflets about Nakba carrying Palestinian flags.
In Salvador, a homage to the Israeli ambassador was met with a protest inside the municipal parliament.

At last there was a debate with Ahmad Madi, professor Reginaldo Nasser and Soraya Misleh, added by moving speeches by Palestinian refugees Rawa Alsagheer and Alaa Kassen.

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