Fri Feb 23, 2024
February 23, 2024

Metalworkers’ Union Express Solidarity with the Tunisian Women Workers Struggle

Latelec is a factory comprised mainly of women and supplies parts of cable laying for Airbus and Embraer.

Metalworkers from Latecoere in Jacarei, SP, Brazil, approved, last Wednesday, May 15th, its solidarity with the women workers struggle of Latelec, a company in Tunisia. The plant belongs to the French Latecoere and is at risk of being shut.

Latelec is a factory comprised mainly of women and supplies parts of cable laying (aircrafts electrical and electronic systems) for Airbus and Embraer.

Shortly after Ben Ali dictatorship fall, women workers of Latelec have stepped up a struggle for better wages and better working conditions, together with the trade union UGTT. The bosses’ response came in the form of repression, dismissal of activists and threats of closure. However the women workers have not felt intimidated.

On March 30th a protest was carried out in front of the French Embassy during the World Social Forum.

“The struggle of our comrades in Tunisia is a powerful example of the working class organization and mobilization. For these women workers, we offer all our solidarity”, says the Union Vice President, Herbert Claros.


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