The IWL-FI theoretical magazine, Marxism Alive-New Epoch, is now in its 6th issue, published in Spanish and Portuguese. Unfortunately it is not currently published in English, but its most important articles are translated and posted on the IWL-FI website. Below you can read the preface of the last issue.


Continuing with the policy of making Marxism Alive – New Epoch magazine a tool to socialize the programmatic preparation process that the International Workers League is developing, three important topics are covered by this new edition: 1) The role of the European imperialist powers and the character of the European Union: is it an imperialist abortion or an advancement of civilization?; 2) The ecological crisis facing the planet; 3) The problem of women, based on the discussion made at the international seminar: “The revolutionaries and the party work among working class women.”

Having an understanding on these issues and seeing how, from them, the tasks that correspond to the revolutionaries can be carried forward means approaching some of the most important issues that the program that we are beginning to develop should include. Addressing these issues, given the heterogeneity that exists between those who claim to be Marxists, will necessarily be controversial. Thus, the first work is developed in the form of a polemic with the well-known economist, now gone, Ernest Mandel. The second, with the various ecologist currents, and the third refers to the various controversies presented at the international seminar on women.

The study and discussions to update the IWL program did not finish. Thus, three other issues were discussed at the last meeting of the IEC (International Executive Committee): the character of our program; the conclusions on Eastern Europe; and bourgeois democracy and the actions of revolutionaries towards it. The next editions of Marxism Alive – New Epoch will present the results of these new discussions. Our magazine pages are open to our readers for all these issues.