Liverpool TUC


Trades Council has a moral responsibility to heed the call of oppressed people like we did in the 1980s when adopting the BDS call by South Africans fighting racism and apartheid.

The call for BDS has come from over 170 Palestinians civil society organisations as well as organisations within Israel.

The campaign is founded on the basis of anti-racism and human rights for all.

The BDS movement has united human rights campaigners from different nationalities, races, religions and creeds across the world.


Institute thorough research into our unions own contacts with investments and companies, including subcontractors, which may be implicated in violating Palestinian Human Rights as stated by the BDS movement.

Pressure Unions and affiliate partners to divest from Israel and from companies directly or indirectly supporting the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies.

Promote union resolutions condemning Israeli violations of international law and human rights and endorsing BDS in any form.

Actively support and work with Palestine solidarity organisations such as the BDS movement, PSC, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, British Committee fr Palestinian Universities, Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolitions.

Affiliate to the Palestine BDS National Committee and engage in education campaigns to publicise the injustice of Israel’s discriminatory policies against the Palestinians and its illegal occupation.