A meeting against the injustices of the World Cup: “Kicking off in Rio: popular protest and the politics of the World Cup” which will be held in London on 10 June, is beeing organized by the ISN (International Socialist Network) and North London RS21, with the support of the ISL (International Socialist League), British section of the IWL.

The summons reads:

“Tuesday 10th June, 7-9pm, Unity Church, 277 Upper Street, Islington, London

Brazil has seen huge attacks on its poor and a fightback from hundreds of thousands as two mega-events – the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 – inflict themselves on a country of huge inequalities. Writer Mike Marqusee and Rio resident Ali Sargent will talk about the politics of these “trojan horses for neoliberalism” and popular protest against them. North London rs21 and International Socialist Network London invite you to come and listen and join the discussion.”