Mon Apr 22, 2024
April 22, 2024

Keep It Up in the Streets for Safe, Legal, and Free Abortion in Hospitals! Down with Milei’s Spending Cuts!

Last week, a bill presented by a handful of deputies from Libertad Avanza was made public. It seeks to repeal the law on voluntary abortion (IVE).

It is more clear than ever that these politicians are trying to advance the abolition of rights as quickly as possible and by any means they can. Since they could not get the DNU or the Omnibus Law passed, they are moving forward with this bill that directly affects working women. Because the women who are currently exercising this right are the same women who died in clandestine abortions in our country when it was illegal.

Today, more than ever, we must stand up to defend the rights we have won. This conquest is historic, but we made it effective in 2020 with the struggle of thousands in the streets shouting – “Sexual education so we can choose, contraceptives to not abort, and legal abortion so we don’t die.” That is why we CANNOT let this decree go forward. Although the current law as it stands has many limitations, especially conscientious objection, which we have denounced due to the lack of effective implementation in some provinces where the Church has a lot of weight, a return to illegality would be terrible for working women and women from the popular sectors. These same women are suffering the daily attacks of Milei and his representatives, in addition to hyperinflation, the increased costs of essential services, budget cuts in education and health, unemployment, among others, which drag us to misery.

For all these reasons, we believe that the unity of all sectors is urgent, and we must organize ourselves in our workplaces, schools, universities, and in neighborhoods, together with our comrades, to reject the advance of this project outright. We must demand that the treacherous central organizations take the lead in this struggle.

But to do this, we must organize ourselves and use methods of self-defense, because Milei’s government, along with Bullrich and her anti-picketing protocol, will try to impose its policies by force, as we have already seen with the repression and imprisonment of comrades who have confronted the DNU.

But we should not stop at demanding the repeal of the law, we must go further. We must demand the abolition of conscientious objection, enough of agreements with churches that set back consciences by decades. We denounce the agreement signed by the Minister of Human Capital Petovello with the pediatrician Abel Albino, an ultra-Catholic and militant of Opus Dei, which is against abortion and also states – “that masturbation is an addiction and that condoms do not protect”. All of this is happening behind the backs of the people. Separate church and state, let’s stop subsidizing churches, let that money go to hospitals and schools

Fight budget cuts in health and education in order to implement sex education and abortion throughout the country. We are against the new government’s proposal to maintain the same budgets of 2023 in 2024, which would not even cover the costs of financing six months. Our country has money and resources, but they decide to continue paying the IMF, putting our resources into, private hands and continuing to plunder the state and affect the lives of the workers.

If we stopped paying the debt and started taxing the big monopolies, the multinationals, the landowners, and stopped subsidizing the churches that have gotten rich at the expense of these policies, we could improve not only the problems that affect women, but the once that affect workers as a whole.

Enough of the nonsense, it is not the caste that is affected, it is the workers that are affected!

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