Massive demonstration on J3, 2015, against femicides and male-chauvinist violence.

With the Plan Macri, the Not One Less will not exist!

On June 3, we will occupy the streets once again. We are in a moment in which women struggle all over the world because the governments and bosses aim to make us, workers, pay for the crisis. Like Brazilian women, women are in the first line of struggle.

By PSTU Argentina.


In Argentina, it is the poor, working women who suffer the most, because we do magic before the cuts in health and education for our children to go to school (even in buildings that are falling apart) or to an undersupplied UC or hospital to get attention. When there are layoffs or suspensions, we juggle to bring foods to our homes.

Also, we need to be grateful when we get home alive: violence against women grows every day, with the complicity of a justice that does not protect us, a police force that conceals people-trafficking networks and femicides (like evidenced in the case of Araceli[1]), and a State that does not invest money in protecting us. There is not enough money for a National Plan of Emergency against Violence Against Women, but there is money to pay the external debt and pay to the vultures.

Workers have been featuring giant demonstrations since March this year, saying enough! To the Plan Macri. Men and women together organized in our workplaces, places of study and neighborhoods against the adjustment, hunger-policies, and repression. This is why Union leaders were forced to call a General Strike. And although they negotiated, later on, workers continued fighting to confront layoffs, suspensions and misery salaries that they are trying to impose. And women are still defenseless against violence.

We need self-defense education, to be able to confront male-chauvinist violence and also the repression to the struggles, and this agenda has to be taken by the unions and students’ entities. We need for the CGT and CTA to break the truce and call for a real struggle agenda in defense of our lives and the rights of the working family.

Stop male-chauvinist violence, adjustment and repression!

For the CGT and CTA to break the truce and call to mobilize!

Let’s organize self-defense through workers’ and students’ unions!

Free and absolution to Higui,[2] imprisoned for defending herself!

Translation: Sofía Ballack.


[1] Araceli Ramos was a 19-year-old girl assassinated at a supposed job interview, in 2013. She became a symbol for women’s struggles in Argentina against male-chauvinist violence and femicides.

[2] Higui is a lesbian woman who was attacked, raped and beaten by a gang on the street in a “corrective” crime, on October of 2016. She defended herself killing one of the attackers, and has been in jail since then accused of “murder”. Her case became a flag of the struggle against male-chauvinist violence, and there is a massive campaign for her freedom.