To the leadership and members of PST-C

To the brave family of our comrade Walter Garzón

With true pain we received the news of the death of our dearest comrade Walter. It hurts us deeply, as it hurts us the death of all those who dedicated their entire lives to the struggle of working class, for its organization, and against the exploitation and oppression of the capitalist system. But this time the pain is double, because Walter dedicated his last four years of intense action to the search of our also comrade Carolina Garzón, his daughter, disappeared in Ecuador. Together with Alix Mery, mother of Carolina, his other daughter, Lina, and the closest relatives, they have been an essential motor, together with our comrades of MAS – Ecuador and PST – Colombia, and the IWL, to put in the center of the scene the problem of the disappeared as another expression of the capitalism barbarianism, of scandalous impunity of the governments accomplices of this reality, like Santos and Correa.

The campaign we took ahead for the apparition of Carolina became a symbol at global scale, of the struggle against forced disappearance, in the frame of a battle against all kind of oppression and violence against women, and tightened even more the ties of solidarity and fraternity among our international.

But Walter left a seed: his enormous longing of finding Carolina encouraged him to share his commitment with other families, victims of the same suffering, and he organized in Ecuador, together with the comrades of MAS, the ASFADEC [Association of Relatives of Disappeared in Ecuador], which we are sure will continue his work.

We know the disappearance of Carolina worsened his battered health even more, and that it why we do not hesitate to point, as responsible for his death, the capitalist system which only brings injustice and pain for the poorer and the workers. Walter was not old enough to die, yet.

Before his absence, the only thing we can do is to double or efforts and compromise of continuing the search for Carolina; of strengthening the work of both, mother and father; of building our parties and the International; of struggling daily for the socialist revolution; of looking for a world in which the ones that have suffered over centuries the exploitation and oppression, injustices and atrocities, can finally have a dignified, fulfilled life.

Comrades of PST-C, comrades Alix and Lina, count on all of us.

Comrade Walter: to socialism!

If we struggle like brothers, we will find Carolina!


International Secretariat – IWL-FI.

São Paulo, September 12, 2016.