Demonstrate, occupy and strike!

Build the general strike, kick the Tories out!

Demand General Election Now!

ISL – England

Johnson pursues his anti-democratic and anti-working-class actions in parliament but has lost one vote after another. He is losing and desperate. However, Corbyn is prevaricating – none of this is in the interests of workers.

Workers are sick of parliamentary manoeuvring and don’t want a Popular Front government. The Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party and Greens are not fighting for workers’ interests and by refusing to demand a general election now all Corbyn is doing is to keep the Tories in government.

We have to build a mass movement on the streets with mobilisations, occupations, and strikes and build for a general strike to fight Johnson and austerity in the UK and EU.

All workers’ organisations and communities must come together and support demonstrations, strikes and plan a general strike.

The struggle against climate change, austerity, big business and Johnson’s Brexit face the same enemies.

United mass action on 20 September, against climate catastrophe can continue to end this undemocratic, racist, sexist, homophobic, environmentally destructive and anti-working class government.

What we are seeing in parliament is not the preparation for mass struggle based on workers democracy but tricks of parliamentary democracy.

Workers from 1819 and before fought for political representation in parliament, but that democratic right has limits.

Workers have to build their own democracy in the street mobilisations, strikes and build their own democratic organisations. We are for workers direct democracy.

We oppose Johnson closing parliament, but parliamentary democracy is not enough to protect workers. It is the democracy of the rich, it is bourgeois democracy.

Trying to buy popularity and future election votes Sajid Javid, the chancellor, promises a 4.1% boost in spending on public services but that does not reverse the ten years of cuts.

It is a trojan horse to win votes in a general election, and goes hand in hand with their deepening privatisation programme. Tories are the party of austerity, and that will not change.

For a workers and socialist exit out of austerity and the EU

We call on all trade unions and political organisations that supported a workers exit to re-vitalise their struggle for such an exit, because Jeremy Corbyn will not lead such a campaign.

For example, the RMT transport Union, the Bakers Union, the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party and the Communist Party all support a workers exit and we should fight together for a workers and socialist Lexit.

Leaving the EU must include all workers’ rights and regain and retain all their past advances and gain new demands. No to Remain, no to Johnson’s Brexit.

For a workers and socialist programme

Labour continue, after ten years of cuts, to apply Tory austerity. They have done nothing to stand up for working class communities.

They have supported privatisation of public services through PFI while leaving the banks and multi-nationals intact. The Labour party will continue to incarcerate immigrants in detention centres.

Universal Credit oppresses workers and those not able to work are bullied and battered as the state seeks every means to deprive them of benefits.

The Gig economy forces youth and immigrant workers into low pay and terrible conditions. It is only the struggle of the new unions, such as UVW and IWGB together with the rank and file of some of the old unions that are fighting to end it.

We say fight all attacks by Tory or Labour:

  • Reopen women and youth centres
  • Reopen 100s of closed libraries
  • Tax the rich, make them pay
  • Outlaw precarious work
  • Increase minimum wage to £12 per hour
  • End all anti-trade unions laws
  • Complete and unconditional right to strike
  • End Universal Credit
  • Immigrants welcome – equal political and labour rights as native workers
  • Nationalise all big companies and banks under democratic control of workers.
  • Build a Socialist Welfare state
  • For a workers and socialist exit from the EU
  • Build assemblies in all communities to decide on your own destiny, from Councils’ budget to a workers Brexit.