Today [December 10] the SEC finished re-counting the 4.753 acts that give the victory to JOH once again. But who cares about what the SEC says? We have known for a while now that it stands with JOH. We condemn the agreement of the US’ business representative in Honduras, the NGO’s representative Omar Rivera, the businessmen and the Court, which only seek to legitimate the fraud.

By PST-Honduras

The Honduran people made clear that it voted on November 26 to take JOH out of power, and with the scandalous fraud it also showed it is willing to take JOH down through an insurrection if necessary. It will not be counting votes that we will take JOH down but through demonstrations and mobilization. He was more than close to leave on the past week, with the people’s mobilization and the political adhesion of the police. As never before, this is the road to follow now.

We denounce the leadership of the Alliance, which far from calling to deepen and organize the mobilization has a strategy of negotiation, agreements, and pacts, that only lead to a death end. They do this because they are more afraid of the masses’ determination to change this exploiting and corrupt capitalist system from its roots than of the power groups that Nasralla already stated he will rule for.
A few hours ago, Mel [Zelaya] sent an open letter separating from Nasralla, to satisfy the imperialist presure and to avoid being so affected by what was, at this point, expected: the call of JOH as the victor by the SEC. In other words, to clean his face from the defeat of his coward strategy of negotiating “on the top.”

The Socialist Workers’ Party, PST, considers that the masses cannot trust these leaderships, because they want to stall the mobilization process. The struggle process must remain independent and insurrectional, develop its own neighborhood leaderships, popular and workers’, and call for a National Meeting to organize a great Insurrectional National Strike until JOH leaves, goes to trial and is punished, together with the fraud-Court.

Not one more minute of JOH in power!

Trial and punishment to JOH and the Court!

For a great Insurrectional National Strike to take JOH down!

Let’s only trust our own forces!

December 10, 2017.

Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores – PST, IWL-FI.