Solidarity with Palestine

One child every hour is dying in Gaza because of the Israeli bombardment from the land, air and sea. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government says they bomb “only military objectives”, but they have created a blood bath by killing children, women and old people and bombing homes, hospitals, schools and even children playing by the sea. The Israeli government’s wanted to destroy any possibility of negotiating with Gaza and the West Bank. Only those who support, or are blinded, by the Ideology of Zionism approve this action. Many Jews in cities across the world are protesting “Not in our name” including inside of Israel with their Arab neighbours.

Israeli actions are supported by the US, the European Union and the British government because they say Israel has the right to self-defence. In the name of self-defence Israel is destroying Gaza’s defences, the life-line tunnels and the Palestinian people. This is not defence it is genocidal atrocity.  

The BBC’s bias is giving cover to the Israeli murder machinery. The USA support Israel in order to maintain its “own base” and foothold in the region. Israel is that foothold.   

The State of Israel was created in 1948 as an imperialist military enclave in the Middle East. Ever since then and up to our times, the history of Israel is that of permanent expansion against the Palestinian people and occupation of their territories.  

For a Secular, Democratic and Non Racist Palestine

The only real solution is the construction of a single, Secular, Democratic and Non Racist Palestine on its entire historic territory. A Palestine with no walls or concentration camps, a Palestine to which the millions of evicted  Palestinians can return and at the same time a country where all the Jews who are prepared to coexist in peace and with equal rights can do so.  

Build the international campaign to halt this new Israeli aggression

We repudiate this new aggression of the Zionist state against Palestinian people and once again we express our solidarity with and our support for the Palestinians. International isolation of Israel (as the real aggressor) is essential.  

Demonstrations of solidarity with Palestinians in many cities in the Arab world, the USA, Europe, India and Latin America are taking place to try to force Israel to stop this new genocidal action. We call on the trade unions (who so far done little), anti-cuts and social movements to support national and international actions and campaigns in support of the Palestinians and to condemn the assault on Gaza.   

We demand that the British goverment puts pressure on Israel including an arms embargo, ending diplomatic relations and trade agreements to end the siege of Gaza. Build the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel.  

7pm Wednesday, 30 July. Old Swan Youth Centre, 23 Derby Lane