Thu Dec 01, 2022
December 01, 2022

International Solidarity With French Yellow Vests, Algerian and Sudanese Workers

CSP-Conlutas sent motions of solidarity with the French yellow vests and to the Algerian and Sudanese working people who are standing up against their regimes.

CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

CSP-Conlutas believes that Imperialist and Capitalist forces operate together internationally. Then the working classes and the oppressed must unite across the borders in order to suceed.

The Algerian working people have won one battle. After 7 weeks, Bouteflika is out. Nevertheless the final outcome is not decided. The regime did not change and the capitalist class still controls all the resources of the country. That is why Algerians are still taking the streets in major cities like Argel, Oran and Cosntantine, among others.

The Sudanese working people have been in war against dictator Omar Bashir for 3 months. Now they are holding a protest in front of the Army Headquarters. Of course top generals are linked to Bashir. Nevertheless that struggle may bring the soldiers to the side of the revolution and the alliance between soliders and workers may bring about the end of the regime and the emergence of a workers’ power to rule the country.

The French yellow vests have been holding weekly protests for 21 weeks for better living conditions and democratic rights. Last weekend they held a 235-delegation national assembly to address the next steps which include the necessary alliance with workers’ organizations and social movements to fight back Macron administration and the V Republic regime.

The Brazilian workers inspired themselves by the struggle of Algerian, Sudanese and French working people in order to carry out the struggles in Brazil and Latin America.
An injury to one is an injury to all!

Workers of all the world, Unite! We have nothing to loose but our chains!

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