Thu Dec 01, 2022
December 01, 2022

International Courier #24: Coronavirus…Capitalism Kill

We wrote this magazine in times of coronavirus. The daily life of the working class was already very difficult, but now it has been pushed to intolerable limits, both by the imposition of quarantine and by a leap in attacks by the bourgeoisie, which wants to place the burden of the accelerating economic crisis on the back of workers. Here we try to approach the situation from different angles. In the article “The two Plagues of Capitalism”, we analyze how capitalism is responsible for the whole scenario and make a programmatic proposal in face of this situation. The article “Covid-19, Capitalism, Wars, Revolution …” provides a historical review of the periods in which these processes occurred and the lessons we can draw from them.

We also focus the debate on the false alternative between “economy or life”, we analyze how socialism will free science and public healthcare services from the straitjacket that capitalism submits them today and we dedicate an article to the sinister “War of Masks” that has developed between different countries. In addition, we refer to the terrible situation of the most marginalized and impoverished sectors of society, and to the plan of the many bourgeoisies to take advantage of this situation to advance the legalization of a much higher level of exploitation of the working class.

That is why, in a specific article, we say that the class has “two wars”: one against the coronavirus and the other, in the background, against the bourgeoisie. This magazine is complemented with special articles on the situation of women and from several countries and regions (Africa, Brazil, Italy and the United States). Finally, as a different but essential topic, we have incorporated the campaign to free Chilean political prisoners.

Two final questions. The first is that some data dealt by some articles on the effects of the pandemic and / or unemployment have increased since the articles were written. The second is that, under the current conditions, this magazine will circulate through virtual media, in PDF. But its cost of production remains, as well as its role as part of IWL-FI funding. For this reason, we ask our readers to collaborate financially for their maintenance through the person who sends them the magazine.



Despite the pandemic we are facing, IWL-FI continues to make efforts to maintain the regular functioning of our political publications. For this edition of Correio Internacional, for obvious reasons, we will not make the printed version. That’s why we’re making this digital version available. Although the magazine is not being printed, it still has costs for its political production. We are requesting a voluntary aid of US$ 3. Readers who want to contribute financially to the magazine have the following options: # If you are Brazilian, you can make a deposit at:

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