On March 23, judge Llarena ordered the prison without bail of the exconsellers Turull, Rull, Romeva and Bassa, as well as of the former president of the Parlament, Carme Forcadell. New five independentist political prisoners added to the list of imprisoned in Estremera and Alcalá-Meco (plus the two Jordis, in jail since October 16, and Junqueras and Forn, since November 2). Also, the former deputy Marta Rovira had to look for shelter in Switzerland, being added to list of exiled that includes Puigdemont, Comín, Puig, Ponsatí and Anna Gabriel.

By Corriente Roja. March 23, 2018.


The new imprisonments make part of a process against the 25 independentist leaders, 13 of them accused of rebellion, a crime that has a sentence between 15 and 25 years of prison and prohibition [of exercise]. The judge also gave an order of extradition in Europe for them.

The monarchic regime unleashed a retaliatory, offensive campaign of repression with the goal of imposing an exemplary punishment to the Catalan people for daring carrying out a self-determination referendum on October 1, defying the imposed unity of the Spanish State.

The accusation of rebellion responds to a crude judicial invention of a non-existent crime, as there was no “violent upraise”. The judicial action is a blatant mockery of the most basic democratic rights. It evidences the false division of powers and shows the Spanish monarchy as the true inheritor of Franco’s regime.

It is significant that, during these days, the PP, the C’s and the PSOE refused to revise the amnesty law from 1977, which gave impunity for the crimes of Franquismo. They are the same ones that support the 155 [Constitutional Article that conditions autonomy to the will of the Major State] and endorse judicial actions characteristic of a dictatorship. They are the ones of the gag rule and the current offensive against freedom of expression across the State.

We demand the immediate freedom of the Catalan political prisoners, the end of the repressive crusade against Catalan independentism and the closure of the files against it. We demand the immediate annulment of the article 155.

We call everyone to participate in the demonstrations to free the political prisoners and against the repression, as well as to organize a massive, unitary, categoric response. We also call to organize in solidarity in the State as a whole to stop the current repressive offensive by the regime.

Immediate release of the Catalan political prisoners!

Stop the repression against Catalan independentists!

Annulment of the article 155!

Solidarity with Catalonia across the Spanish State!